We are now mixi group members!

Today marks a special day for entire KiDDY family – Our team and our users and supporters, Since we started Compath Me inc in 2011, we have been enthusiastic about making the best services through technology. Today, we want to share that we are acquired by mixi, Inc. It was the big chance for us to offer more powerful experiences more rapidly and we’re so excited to work with people as passionate as we are. Thank you all your supports for us. * As for KiDDY app, please see this page. Compath Me Inc.


Important News about KiDDY

As all good stories go, there’s a sad bit to it: we’re not able to support and update KiDDY anymore. For us, that’s definatelly the lousy app and it’s not a user experience we want to leave you with. For this reason, we’ll be removing KiDDY from the app stores. We’ll officially shut down the app as the schedules below. ● April 19, 2017: All features are stopped. You can’t post/edit entries, purchase any products, shift to Mitene and download data. ● April 27, 2017: KiDDY server is closed. Due to Database shutdown, all of your entries and data are deleted. Whether you decide to follow us to Mitene or …

New product “Wood Photo Art”‍‍‍

Hi there, we have an new product today… here is, “Wood Photo Art” As its name, your photo is engrained on a premium baltic birch canvas. We pick the best wood grain for your photo, and print carefully. Wood canvas gives warm and tender mood to your family photo. Besides, we offer gift wrap and message card! It’s a good option for the Christmas gifts To see more details, check “Wood Photo Art” page at “Print”menu You can use this feature at latest KiDDY app. ◆about 「KiDDY」 ・KiDDY is easy kids diasy for sharing in family. ・KiDDY iPhone app ・Android app ◆contact contact from here Please change …


A big A4 size has been added to the KiDDY album

Have you tried KiDDY Album? It’s the effortless way to build beautiful photobooks through choosing photos in KiDDY. We have offered several lineups, but the size is only “A5 Square”. Then, we make “A4 ASquare” as well! A4SQ Photobook makes… – Photos larger, so your moments will be more impressive – Texts bigger too, it’s eisier to read for grandparents In addition, we offer the special promo code for A4SQ. Check the detail images on Order Page! If you have any questions, please let us know from “Send Feedback” at “Accout” menu. ◆about 「KiDDY」 ・KiDDY is easy kids diasy for sharing in family. ・KiDDY iPhone app ・Android app ◆contact contact …

a4sq kiddy album

KiDDY new year card 2017 service launched :)

KiDDY New Years Card 2017 Service launched today [KiDDY New Year Cards Features] ▪ Beautiful printing and layout design Print of the New Year’s card is, in partnership with the camera of the Kitamura group, offers a high quality of greeting cards using the printing technology of the “silver print” ▪ Easy to use “KiDDY New Year’s card”, select the layout, Just select the photos you want to put the photos you earned take on the “KiDDY”, you can easily order and the creation of New Year’s card.

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